5 Batman Bad Guys That Would Make Surprisingly Good Marketers

Whether you love the Batman or root for any good guy in a superhero movie, there is still much you can learn from the bad guys that try and ruin everyone’s day.

In today’s article, we selected 5 bad guys from various Batman movies who would make surprisingly good marketers.

The Joker

Has there ever been a funnier villain than the Joker in any superhero movie? I can’t think of one.

If your business manages any sort of social media presence, you’ll know that being rigged and showing no personality is a recipe for no “likes or retweets.”

Watch any Batman movie with the Joker and he will often come up with very witty one-liners perfect to use as a tweet or to merge with a picture to post on Facebook.

However, if you were to hire the Joker, I’d strongly recommend reviewing each of his updates before they go live as he does have a weird sense of humor. But that’s nothing a social media content guide can’t fix.


Before he became Two-Face, Harvey Dent was a well-respected attorney who knew the law better than anyone else. Need to write a rock-solid disclaimer or privacy policy? Harvey Dent’s the guy you need.

Two-Face has two distinctly unique personalities, a good side and a bad side. You’ll have to put him under constant supervision for the most part as the last thing you’d want is for his bad side to come out when he’s writing your next email newsletter.

But with enough training and conditioning, Two-Face would be the perfect legal marketer. He would make sure all your Facebook ads get approved by seeing and preventing the potential dark side to your message. He would ensure your SEO is in line with Google’s TOS. And he could plainly see both sides of the law and make sure your business is never legally on the wrong side.


Most will agree that the Riddler was not exactly the scariest Batman villain, which is a good thing if you are considering him for your next hire. What the Riddler lacked in scariness, he made up for in setting up intellectual challenges and games.

The Riddler wouldn’t be your best copywriter. His messages would be so confusing that it would be impossible for customers to find the call-to-action.

But he would be the perfect marketer to run competitions and create training guides and tests for current and new employees.

Do you use gamification as a way to collect more data on customers or run competitions on social media to generate leads? If so, hire yourself a Riddler.

And you could put him in charge of the hiring process- you won’t find a better baddie to put all these so called ‘SEO experts’ to the test to see what they really know.

Calendar Man

Calendar Man (Julian Day) is one of the lesser known Batman villains, but would be a useful additional to any marketing team or business. Calendar Man was best known for committing epic crimes on significant dates such as holidays.

It’s surprising how many weird and wacky holidays occur throughout the year. Depending on the nature of your business, you may be able to leverage several dates to promote tailored special offers or increase engagement with your customers.

Calendar Man would be the perfect addition to your marketing team as he would be able to identify significant dates way in advance and help you come up with marketing ideas to make the most of them.


So you’ve hired yourself a team of marketing villains. Unless you have superpowers of your own, there’s no way you’ll be able to keep a handle on them all. And that’s where Bane comes into the mix.

Bane is known for his brute strength and intelligence. And, out of all Batman’s villains, Bane is the only one to have “Broken the Bat.”

Marketing teams work best when they work towards the same goal and and stay in frequent communication with each other. Bane would be an ideal team leader because he could use a combination of brains and brawn to manage all the other villains and keep them on task.

Serious training will be needed

If you managed to get any of the five Batman baddies above to join your marketing team, you will likely need to provide additional training and perhaps get extra insurance for your business. But you would definitely have some badass skills at your disposal.


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