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19 Jan 2018

3 industry leaders predict the online video trends that will shape 2018

3 industry leaders predict the online video trends that will shape 2018 Matt Anderson Jan 2018 Predicting the future is impossible. But if anyone could know what will be big in online video in 2018, it’d be Bettina Hein, Allison Stern, and Jason Mander. They’re all leaders at companies on the front-lines of digital media. So it’s their day job to have a pulse on not only today’s trends, but what online video trends are coming next. Here’s what they […]

02 Apr 2016

5 Batman Bad Guys That Would Make Surprisingly Good Marketers

Whether you love the Batman or root for any good guy in a superhero movie, there is still much you can learn from the bad guys that try and ruin everyone’s day. In today’s article, we selected 5 bad guys from various Batman movies who would make surprisingly good marketers. The Joker Has there ever been a funnier villain than the Joker in any superhero movie? I can’t think of one. If your business manages any sort of social media […]

27 Apr 2015

I Need a Website. Now What?

You know your business needs a website. Printed yellow page ads, newspapers, and other forms of print advertisement just aren’t what they used to be without offering more marketing solutions that pertain to the here-and-now.  When someone wants information, they pull out their smart phone or laptop and invoke the magic word: Google. Thus, a strong website with good search rankings translates to more leads, more sales, and more money. However, building a solid website can become more of a […]