Category : SEO (Search Engine Visibility)

30 Apr 2015

Impact of Google Adwords Quality Score on Cost-Per-Click

Before Google implemented quality scores for search advertising, Google searches were overrun with irrelevant ads that linked to sites with little content.  Any marketer could bid on nearly any term and show in the paid results and placement was simple: higher CPC bids equalled higher ad rank.  This created an overall poor search experience for the user.  Google eventually improved ad quality by being the first search engine to assign quality scores, which attempt to measure ad relevance. Instead of […]

24 Apr 2015

So You’ve Reached First Page Rankings on Google – Now What?

Have you been utilizing Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services that brought you first place rankings on Google?  If so, maybe you’ve started to wonder, “Now what?” or “Do I still need my SEO service?” For a lot of small business owners or executives, it’s common to question the on-going cost of SEO, especially if it’s already helped you achieve your desired results.  As with any service or expense, it’s essential to stay educated on the value you’re getting from SEO work over time because […]

24 Apr 2015

5 Ways To Avoid the Dark Side of SEO

When it comes to SEO, there truly is a light side and a dark side. The most common names for these two unique sides of SEO are white hat and black hat. White hat refers to doing everything “naturally” and within Google’s specified guidelines for search engine optimization. Black hat, as you can guess, is the exact opposite—search engine manipulation is the name of the game. A few examples of this manipulation are buying links, cloaking, spinning content, widget hacking, […]

24 Apr 2015

Google’s Mobile Algorithm Update Is Here!

Don’t be caught off-guard! Test your website now. Today is the official release date for Google to begin rolling out their new mobile algorithm update. What does this mean for you? If your website is not considered mobile-friendly to Google’s standards, you can anticipate taking a noticeable hit in your search engine rankings. As always with Google updates, there are no guarantees on how this may or may not affect your website directly, but it is always good to be […]