So You’ve Reached First Page Rankings on Google – Now What?

Have you been utilizing Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services that brought you first place rankings on Google?  If so, maybe you’ve started to wonder, “Now what?” or “Do I still need my SEO service?”

For a lot of small business owners or executives, it’s common to question the on-going cost of SEO, especially if it’s already helped you achieve your desired results.  As with any service or expense, it’s essential to stay educated on the value you’re getting from SEO work over time because there are several factors to take into consideration. Here are just a few:

Competition –

It is important to assess your competition and consider what would happen if you were to discontinue your SEO services.  In most cases, the old saying is true: Competition never sleeps. Competitors may slowly raise in rankings while your position may regress if your SEO services are not maintained. Using SEO services to keep up with the continuous increase of online competition can prove to be very advantageous for maintaining your company’s revenue.

Search Algorithm Updates –

Search engine algorithms are continually evolving in an effort to provide users with the best user experience.  Algorithm updates can affect your website rankings and may potentially cause adverse penalties depending upon how your website is categorized and optimized.  Having a well-defined SEO company that stays current with industry trends can help your website maintain its position, even amidst changes and updates.

Fresh Content –

According to the latest updates to Google’s algorithm, there has been an increased importance placed on current, relevant content. Google and other search engines consider the freshness of your website’s content as an important ranking factor.  The absence of that fresh content can result in a drop in rankings, or your website could be deemed less relevant in comparison to those producing more content.

one-doe-not-simply-stop-doing-seoHaving a reputable SEO company maintain the consistent addition of new and helpful links, content, blogs, articles and more to your site enables you to maintain (and sometimes even raise) your rankings.

SEO is Essential

It boils down to this: the longer that you stay on the top of search engine results, the more credibility and influence you will gain online.  From there, you can build upon this success and your new keyword phrases will begin to rank faster.  Considering all of that, SEO is no longer just an expense—it’s a crucial piece of your overall marketing strategy.

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